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Six Feet Apart (2020) has been exhibited at “Reality and its Disorders”, a Degrees of Freedom production at Espacio Gallery London and “Little Voices”, Kensington and Chelsea Art Week, London.

It is a floor- and wall-based multiple-unit installation, consisting of industrially produced wooden folding rulers. Designed to challenge and transform the visitors' perception of interpersonal distance in space, it addresses the challenges of the days of COVID-19.
The estimation of distance in space has become of tremendous significance to keep others safe. 

Yet, physical distancing and other safety measures have been highly politicized and have polarized the population in many countries. 
Deliberately or unintentionally, people often fail in estimating interpersonal distance accurately. Guidelines for keeping six feet apart are often ignored or violated.
Against this background, the installation is a piece of confrontational art and unambiguous in its message. It calls for mutual respect and sensitivity for other people's vulnerability, comfort zone, and concerns.
SIX FEET APART is a participatory installation. In both exhibitions, visitors were invited to reconfigure the rulers in order to explore their notion of distance and creatively embrace the new challenge.

Installation shots from the above-mentioned art exhibitions


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