Lisa Kreuziger is an artist who mainly works in painting and installation. 

Continually striving to evolve her work, she does not limit her creative practice to one medium only.

As a painter, she draws from a wide range of visual vocabulary and works across the spectrum of contemporary abstraction. While her early paintings are completely non-objective, her later works include architectural elements, biomorphic shapes, and the figure.

Her color palette is bright, intense, and often sharply contrasted. 


More recently, Kreuziger has changed her mode of art practice and display of artwork.

Based on the idea of art as an experience rather than a finite object to be displayed, she created installations that rely on active participants who engage with it.

Kreuziger has lived and worked in Germany, the US, and the UK. Collaborating and sharing experiences with other artists profoundly influenced her way of working and her artistic perspective.

A graduate of Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, Lisa Kreuziger worked as a teacher for many years and was a Director of Studies for Arts and Languages before she decided to exclusively focus on her career as an artist in 2008.

After more than a decade living and working abroad, Kreuziger is now based in Germany again. She is a member of the IAA – International Association of Art, Espacio Gallery, and The Artists‘ Pool London. She is also affiliated with Space 36, an experimental art space, and with ARTful, a London-based art consultancy. Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in many private collections.