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Lisa Kreuziger is a visual artist who mainly works in painting and installation.

Her works explore various themes, the realms of visual and social interaction and the challenges of (self-)perception are just two of them. They often include elements of social commentary, albeit subtle and implied rather than explicitely political. 

Like many contemporary artists, she considers the ideas behind her work as important as the finished object. Key to the understanding of her work is its thematic content.

 As a painter, she draws from a wide range of visual vocabulary and works across the spectrum of contemporary abstraction. Her color palette, a key element to her pictorial language, is bright, intense, and often sharply contrasted. 

While her early paintings were completely non-objective, gestural, and intuitive, her later series adhere to the principles of conceptual abstraction. 

More recently, she has broadened her mode of art practice and display of artwork. Striving to make her art more of an immersive experience for the audience, she created installations that invite the viewer to enter the artwork's space and engage with it. 

The artist has lived and worked in the US, the UK, and Germany. Internationally sharing experiences with other artists over decades has profoundly influenced her way of working and her artistic perspective.

A graduate of Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, Lisa Kreuziger was a teacher and a Director of Studies for Arts and Languages before exclusively focusing on her career as a visual artist in 2008.

She is affiliated with Space 36, an experimental art space in London, TAP - The Artists' Pool, and with ARTful, a London-based art consultancy. Between 2013 and 2019, she also was an active member of the Espacio Gallery. 

Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in many private collections. 

*** For a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae, please, contact artist. 


Ally Zlatar, This Body of Mine, Glasgow, UK, 2024 

The Dark Side, Boomer Gallery London, UK, 2024 

Alina Savko, Textile Fantasies and Mini Art, Open Gallery, Halifax, UK, 2023

Jackline Amy Jackson, Social Justice Art in the Twenties, London, UK, 2023

Antonella M. Larcocca, Emozioni al Castello di Costigliole, LA STAMPA, April 4, Italy, 2023 (Italy) Painters Tubes Art Magazine #4, Abstract #4, July issue, UK, Sweden, 2017

Painters Tubes Art Magazine #6, Visual Reunion, Dec issue, UK, Sweden, 2017

FLUX Art Magazine, London, July issue, UK, 2017

Harmony, Soul, South Korea, 2014

Lo Squardo Interiore, Bologna, Italy, 2013 

10 Jahre KÜV, Jubiläumsausgabe, Germany, 2013

Abstract 2000 – 2010, Sacramento, CA, USA, 2011 

Center for Contemporary Art Catalog, Sacramento, USA, 2011 

Center for Contemporary Art Catalog, Sacramento, USA, 2010

Victoria Dalky, Abstractly Speaking, Sacramento Bee, Sept 2009, USA, 2009

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