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Amygdala (2018), a space-specific intervention, was featured at “Friends of Interpretable Spaces” at St. Augustine’s Tower in London/Hackney. The Degrees of Freedom production was curated by A. Farooqui.

Inspired by Kafka's novella "The Metamorphosis", it was specifically designed to communicate with the space around it and involve the viewer in this interaction.

Set in the spacial context of St. Augustine's tower, first built in the 13th century in Central Hackney, it creates a haunting ambient atmosphere. Thus it provides a scenario that invites the audience to go down anxiety lane in the protective guise of the absurd. 

On a meta-level, it is an invitation to the most exciting of non-physical spaces: the mind which, in essence, is the human faculty of emotion, thought, memory, and imagination. 

The title of the artwork references the part of the brain that plays a key role in the processing of emotions. 

3 Amygdala 800.jpg
1 Amygdala 800.jpg
2 Amygdala 800.jpg
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5 Amygdala 800.jpg
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