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Seeing Anew (2021) is a series of multi-unit floor installations. 

The artist deconstructed a number of her earlier large-format paintings and reconfigured them in various ways, incorporating the space of their display into the artwork.

This allows her and the viewer to encounter the work from multiple points of view, rather than from a single perspective typically associated with looking at a painting.

Experimenting with her own works, Kreuziger does not break with her past as a painter but allows herself to explore new ideas and concepts.

Configuring paintings in space means that the totality of objects and space together now comprise the artwork. Like her participatory installation ORANGE 200, Seeing Anew focuses on the challenges and accomplishments coming with change and new perspectives.   

The installations are adaptable in size and configuration.

appr. dimensions/configuration 1
Seeing Anew #1 (height 120cm, width150cm, depth180cm)
Seeing Anew #2 (height  40cm,  width 85cm, depth 240cm)
Seeing Anew #3 (height 160cm, widht 160cm, depth 200cm)
Seeing Anew #4 (height   80cm, width 160cm, depth 160cm)

pics: LKstudio1


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